Festival Season is upon us!

Lisa Broesky

Posted on April 17 2018

Its that time of year again when your insta feed and facebook is flooded with all those magical moments. What did she wear? that is always what us girls are wanting to know. At any of these events, let's face it footwear is most important. Those of you that have attended Coachella would understand and can relate. The grounds are massive the walks are long and footwear and comfort is a NECESSITY, not just a fashion accessory.

SHOES SHOES SHOES! Thankfully I had packed galibelles. With fashion being at an all-time high at the Coachella grounds I was not willing to sacrifice my outfit ensemble for comfort and I didn't have too. Looking for a pair of shoes that will take you all the miles you need to walk look no further. The Michelle tractor was one of my go-to bases for the weekend. This base is so on trend right now you will have every girl stopping you asking you where to get some. The tractor base is available in Black, White and coming very soon in Tabacco/wood grain!! YAYYYYYYY This shoe was a girl's best friend. I chose to pair mine with a lace-up gladiator style strap but the white base pairs amazingly with the metallic straps as well. I mean what more could a girl ask for???

Think it looks a little high? Wrong!! this shoe is the perfect height the platform at the front keeps you from having any pressure in those easily sore foot beds.  I wore this base two days all over those grounds and packed enough strap styles to match every outfit change which was A LOT!!! the base is also made of an atomic rubber so it absorbed everything i mean everything. No bumpy rocks great cushion for the pavement and no sand between my toes.  All in all, ladies if you want a festival shoe that can go all day long from 10 am to the wakening hours of the night the Michelle screams FESTIVAL WORTHY!!!!


 Festival Season is upon us!

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