Danni the base that fits every lifestyle and age!

Lisa Broesky

Posted on March 17 2018

Its all about the Danni. The Danni is our most popular sandal of all the bases we carry at galiblle. Why do you ask? the height of this base is perfect for everyone. A mom on the go? on your feet working long hours? already tall don't want extra height? want to look cute but still feel sexy? Feel uncomfortable in a heel and need some extra support?  Coming in at 3 inches tall lol with a slight platform under the ball of your foot at one inch keeps this base at only a two-inch incline. Bye Bye sore feet!

The Danni base comes in many different styles. The most popular choice has been cork. Cork allows for more versatility in your strap options when it comes to choosing tops. You are able to mix any pattern and or any solid color it just goes with EVERYTHING! Some may say cork can appear too casual but believe me by adding a metallic strap in either gold, silver or maybe even that sparkly glitter strap that caught your eye you can take this simple base from every day to glam.

Still not dressy enough? this guy comes in black as well. Whoever said black is basic has never seen these shoes. Want just black on black go ahead buy a black strap. Want a fun pop of color on that black sole to match that hot little pink number in your closet? Buy the pink strap to its just that easy!

Want to live on the edge? This baby comes in colored leather. Yup single strips of dyed perfection wrapped individually around this base. Available in neutral beige tones and also bright colors.

On my last trip to Europe, this gal was my go to. The cobble stone streets can sometimes be a little tricky but these shoes make walking easy. I toured the cities for hours and my feet were never tired. No complaining to my hubby to stop and take a break I was a gal on the go! They paired great with all my shorts, my maxi dresses and my evening attire all in all definitely coming on every vacay and one of my summer staples!

Now let's talk straps ladies. This shoe has several strap options available, with only more styles coming SOON! We have the slip-on style for those quick and easy no fuss days. We have the basic criss cross which is our most popular as you can mix colors together after purchasing more than one pair. Black and White...tan and canvas ..... yes PLEASE!  we have a basic lace-up style that ties to the front or the back as well as a lace up that can head right up your legs... HOT!!!! And lastly, we have a gladiator style that is right on trend. How could you not say yes to this base?

There you have it, ladies, that about sums up the Danni stay tuned for the other leading ladies of galibelle.

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