Kitsilano Boutique carte blanche now carrying galibelle!

Lisa Broesky

Posted on May 07 2018

carte blanche meaning permission to do something in any way you choose to do it. What better name for one of the first ladies boutiques that are now carrying galibelle!! The shoe that lets you decide, CHOOSE your sole change your top! That's right ladies now available right at your fingertips the first boutique location in Vancouver!! We could not be more excited for them.

This ladies boutique located in Kitsilano at 3245 West Broadway carefully curates classic inspired fashion with a modern twist for women who look for versatility in their everyday wardrobe. The Owner Vanessa Davies whom I know you will all find delightful works alongside her mom Veerle to bring the ladies of Vancouver a store that has something for everyone. 

How did our relationship begin? well that one would call Serendipity. On an afternoon in early March three soles were meant to meet. LOL see what I did there... These beautiful women walked into galibelle on a shopping trip to lift their spirits and that is just what occurred. Little did I know that our love for fashion was only the beginning of why our paths had crossed that day. These ladies were a little down as their store had just experienced significant water damage leading to an entire remodel which anyone in retail can understand is like losing your home. They had traveled to Kelowna for a weekend getaway to take the damages to their retail space off their minds and that's just what occurred. We started to chat about the shoes and the very unique concept of galibelle and Vanessa and Veerle became very intrigued. They began to tell me about their search for a shoe line that had fallen short and that they had wished they had found something like galibelle to bring to their customers in Kitsilano. This ladies was where it all started. My dream to bring galibelle to women everywhere in Canada was starting to unravel and their hopes to find a shoe like no other for their customers were right under their feet. LOL After both Vanessa and Veerle had tried the shoes on and were as excited as me about the concept of galibelle our love for shoes and retail began.

Jump on a bus, start your car head out for a walk and check out carte blanche you will not be disappointed. Let these lovely ladies introduce you to a shoe love like no other let your love for galibelle begin! Happy shopping. 

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