Why should I choose galibelle?

Lisa Broesky

Posted on March 07 2018

If you haven't heard of galibelle till right now consider this your lucky day! Galibelle shoes are the answer to so many problems we as women face when on the hunt for that perfect pair.

Why are they so great you ask? Well, let me be the one to tell you. These shoes are more comfortable then any other shoe I have ever owned in my closet.  From the padded footbed to the overall design and shoe construction believe me when I say once you wear galibelle's you will never want to put on anything else.

One of the major issues women face is finding that perfect fit.  My feet are too narrow, my feet are too wide, my feet are too tiny I shop the children's section.  I have bunions I need comfortable shoes or I need proper arch support. Shoes are so important, so WHY may I ask do we as women repeatedly find ourselves sacrificing comfort and proper fit day after day???

Galibelle is the answer. Yup, it all stops right now! No more sacrifices, no more wasting money, no more buying shoes to simply collect dust in your closet to eventually be given away or worse thrown out. With the unlimited choices in base styles and color. To the never-ending and constantly evolving strap collection. The main reason so many women today have jumped on this bandwagon is that galibelle straps come in SIZES!!! Yes, ladies, you heard me right we have the strap that will fit the tiniest of feet to the widest foot without compromising the comfort or sex appeal!! why should comfort not look Sexy? Not only do we have straps in specific sizes but also styles that are completely adjustable one size fits all that lace up the entire way allowing for adjustability all day long. Swelling on that hot vacay, or maybe just tired feet after a long day walking. Ladies, no shoe ever before has allowed you so many options and versatility to choose what is BEST for you!

One style isn't perfect for everyone, yet we all want to wear that same high wedge or maybe that flat or a pair of sexy heels. With galibelle, you no longer need to slide through that open toe. No more uncomfortable rubbing, no more wearing shoes just to dinner and hoping your walk isn't far. Yup, go out walking all day dance all night and change your style as many times as you want because it is just that easy!

What are you waiting for? Today is the day pick a base that best suits you a few straps that scream I NEED THOSE and start a new beginning to happy feet and a very happy YOU!!!


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