Just a gal and her shoes by Mint Magazine

David Broesky

Posted on May 06 2017

Just a Gal and Her Shoes by Mint Magazine

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Roughly three years ago, on a back packing trip through Europe, something magical happened. In the heart of Barcelona, Spain, Cinderella found her shoe, or in this case, Lisa Broesky found many shoes.

Right away, she was swept off her feet, “I’ve always had a love of shoes. From the time I was a little girl, they fascinated me; they are a fashion focal point for me, not an after thought. They command my attention, I have a room full of them,” she laughs.

Her husband and business partner, David, chimes in, “Yes, she said room!” Their banter is light-hearted. They complement one another well. Lisa is the fashionista, David is the business mind and together they are the owners of Kelowna’s newest shoe boutqiue, galibelle.

galibelle is a Brazilian brand, still in its infancy. They create beautiful, yet comfortable, functional and well-made shoes. And while most people know Brazilian made shoes are some of the best in the world, many not know that galibelle is a unique, interchangeable shoe system. The way it works is you buy a basic shoe bottom (heel, flat, wedge etc.) and accessorize the top with separate, different straps according to your taste or occasion. Each bottom has a line of coordinating straps which align with the attaching configuration of snaps.

“galibelle is changing the way you look at shoes,” says Lisa. “Made by creative, edgy designers, our soles and straps are full of colours, and exclusive prime materials. galibelle is not only a brilliant idea, but also fashionable, comfortable and stylish.”

This concept not only made for easier packing when David and Lisa flew home to Canada, it made for an incredible business. Their first store was in Edmonton, Kelowna is their second.

“It just made sense,” said David. “Not only did my shoe-loving wife fall in love with their unique look, she loved the concept so much, she wanted to buy them in
every colour.”

She did. And now, you can too. “We have people coming into the store, thrilled to be able to buy Brazilian made shoes, which really are superior in many ways,” says David. “The brand has been around since 2007 and is just blowing up world wide, from Paris to Miami and Tahiti.”

Best of all, these shoes are amazing for travelling because you only have to pack the straps. Perfect for bridesmaids, and essentially a custom fit for any foot, from narrow to really wide.

“As a girl who loves shoes, there’s no better feeling than finding your perfect, fashionable fit,” she says. “Anybody that knows me knows this is my dream come true, a fairy tale really.

Marilyn Munroe said, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”

galibelle is world-conquering shoes specially fit for every foot, every woman, every season (yes they have boots as well as ankle boots) for every style.

“I’ve always wanted to be in a boutique space, I love people. I love seeing beautiful, statement pieces and I love sharing my passion,” says Lisa.

To find out how you can look fabulous and feel great or how you can travel light, but boldly across the globe; to learn more about comfortable, fashion or to find your perfect sole mate, stop by their stunning new store today.

213 Bernard Ave, Kelowna
236.361.8008 |


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